Update on PBI brigadista information webinar, October 24

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To register for a PBI brigadista information webinar with Giulia and Valentina, please click here.

PBI-USA and PBI-Canada are jointly organizing a PBI brigadista information webinar that will take place on Sunday October 24 at 2 pm EST.

Join us to hear from frontline PBI volunteers in Latin America about what it’s like to accompany at-risk human rights defenders.

Find out what a day in their life is like, what the application process is like, and ask any questions that you might have about being a brigadista.

To register for this webinar, please click here.

Along with our previously confirmed speakers Charlotte and Anuja, we are glad that Giulia and Valentina will also be participating in this webinar.

Giulia, PBI-Colombia

Giulia has noted:

“My story with PBI began in 2019 when I had the incredible opportunity to get to know the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó and its path of non-violent resistance, a very enriching experience that changed my perspective and opened my eyes to the situation of human rights defenders in Colombia.

What struck me most about PBI’s way of working was the principle of non-interference in the work of defenders, a concept that seems very simple and yet is extremely different from what international organisations usually do.

For me, who during my studies questioned the concept of development and its imposition from the global north on other areas of the world, this principle is extremely important and convinced me that working with PBI will be my way of contributing to the improvement of the human rights situation.”

Valentina, PBI-Colombia

Valentina has stated:

“The principles of non-violence and non-partisanship seemed to me fundamental to the construction of another type of society. It is not usual in almost any type of structure that decisions are taken horizontally, reaching agreements through consensus.

Despite the complexity of the Colombian reality: the increase in murders of human rights defenders, the criminalization of social struggles, impunity and political violence, I am moved that there are people who are fighting for the collective construction of a society in which other alternative forms to violence are possible.”

To register to hear more from, Giulia, Valentina, Charlotte and Anuja, please click here.

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