PBI-United Kingdom to screen new film at the People’s Summit for Climate Justice

Published by Brent Patterson on

Peace Brigades International-United Kingdom will be screening their film “In Defence of Our Lands: Latin American activists fighting for their lives, land, and human rights” at the People’s Summit for Climate Justice that is taking place November 7-10.

This webpage highlights:

“A film documenting, in their own words, the struggle of activists in Mexico, Honduras and Colombia. Followed by a panel discussion with the filmmaker Manu Valcarce, and the interviewer, Susi Bascon, UK Director of Peace Brigades International, connecting this struggle with world-wide ecological and climate destruction.”

For recent statements on the critical role played by land and environmental defenders that have been made by the Global Women’s Assembly for Climate Justice, Fridays for Future, Global Witness, young climate activists from Colombia, Mexico and Kenya, and the UN Human Rights Council, please click here.

The complete programme for the People’s Summit can be seen here (the PBI-UK film ‘In Defence of our Lands’ is on page 2).

The People’s Summit notes: “We have brought together hundreds of submissions to host interactive workshops, panel discussions, strategy sessions, artistic and cultural events, constituency assemblies and more.”

It adds: “The evolving covid restrictions means that the exact date and location (in-person or online) for each session is subject to change. Register to stay up to date!”

To register for the People’s Summit, click here.


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