This week a new Parliament is elected

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This week, the federal election concluded in Canada. Next up, the House of Commons is scheduled to resume sitting on October 18.

We will be working to identify the new and returning Members of Parliament we can work with to advance protection strategies for the human rights defenders who Peace Brigades International accompanies in Latin America.

We will be sharing with them the recommendations from the recent International Observation Mission to Colombia, as well these measures recently proposed by U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez relating to Colombia.

You can help amplify the call for this progressive human rights-focused agenda by retweeting our post on AOC’s proposals.

Top posts this week:

In Canada:


  • We are planning a webinar for October 30 with PBI field volunteers who will share what it’s like to be a brigadista. Stay tuned for the confirmation of the date and the information on how to register for this Zoom webinar.
  • We are also planning a webinar for November 6 with environmental defenders we accompany speaking about the United Nations COP26 climate summit that will be happening at that time in Glasgow, Scotland.

You can also find daily social media updates about PBI accompaniments on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow and like us.

To support our work, please consider making an online donation here.

In solidarity, Brent at PBI-Canada

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