PBI-Honduras accompanies journalist Dina Meza at police station after arrest of Bryan Hernández

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On September 16, PBI-Honduras posted: “PBI accompanies the journalist Dina Meza after the arrest of the communicator Henry Hernández. We show our concern about the use of force during the arrest by the police.”

Paso de Animal Grande reports: “A delegation of Peace Brigades International (PBI), the Committee for Free Expression (C-Libre) and the Association for Democracy and Human Rights (ASOPODEHU) arrived at the police station to manage the freedom of the journalist along with social activists, journalists and militants of the Freedom and Refoundation Party (LIBRE).”

What happened?

Proceso Digital reports: “Journalist Bryan Hernández was violently arrested on Thursday by members of the National Directorate and Transportation Highways (DNVT) for an alleged traffic violation in the center of the Honduran capital.”

That article adds: “Several videos were released showing how a DNVT agent grabbed the journalist and threw him towards the back of a police patrol car. Then when the vehicle starts, it can be seen that officers push the journalist and even kick him.”

It also notes: “The Association of Journalists of Honduras (CPH), demanded the Public Ministry, DNVT and the Directorate of Police Disciplinary Affairs (Didadpol), to initiate an investigation to clarify the detention of the journalist.”

That CPH tweet says: “We ask @dnvt_honduras, @Didadpol, @MP_Honduras [Public Ministry] to immediately initiate an investigation aimed at clarifying the shameful events carried out by police elements against the journalist Brayan Hernández. Physical abuse against citizens is reprehensible and unjust.”

Vigil and release

And El Pulso tweeted: “Journalists from different media outlets got ready at the El Manchén police post, demanding the release and respect of the rights of the communicator Brayan Hernández.”

Just before midnight on September 16, C-Libre tweeted: “After being detained for about nine hours, they release the #Periodista Bryan Hernandez of @STNHonduras. He was received by colleagues from different media who stood guard at the facilities of the Barrio el Manchen Police Station in Tegucigalpa.”

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