The FPDTA-MPT to take part in the Zapatista ‘Journey for Life’ advocacy tour in Europe

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Liliana Velázquez and Samantha Cesar.

Liliana Velázquez and Samantha César of the Peoples Front in Defence of Land and Water from Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala (FPDTA-MPT) are taking part in the “Journey for Life” tour of the Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN) through Europe.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s regional office in Mexico City recently spoke with them.

While their full conversation can be read here in German, below are a few key excerpts in English from that interview.

Velázquez and César noted:

“This trip through Europe will strengthen the FPDTA-MPT and the EZLN as well as all those who want to defend the life damaged by extractivist policies. It is a policy of death aimed at destroying the lungs of the world. As we know, the most important forests are located on indigenous territories. Hence the offensive against indigenous people.”

“The AMLO government has not brought any changes to our struggle. It presents itself as left-wing but acts like a centre-right government: the neoliberal and extractivist economic model remains, the free trade agreements confirm this. The government has entered into agreements with companies – especially from Canada, China and Spain – that are literally devastating our country with government permission.”

“Women have a distinct, leading role in the defense of the territory. We are the ones who protect life on many levels. We are determined to defend life. Nature, indigenous communities and women have experienced much violence in the capitalist model. That is why both the indigenous movement and the women’s movement have developed such a force.”

“Among the demands that are unfulfilled and that we want to make visible are justice in the case of the murder of Samir Flores. This includes the investigation of the murder and the arrest of the perpetrators who were involved as backers or performers. Likewise, the criminalization of activists who oppose the megaproject must stop.”

“We also demand the complete stop of the Integral Project Morelos [PIM]. This megaproject is directly harming 60 communities. The project disregarded the normative systems of Indigenous communities. The damage caused by the construction progress of the PIM must be repaired.”

The full article can be read in German at «Von verschiedenen Territorien aus erheben die Frauen ihre Fäuste».

The Peace Brigades International-Mexico Project has accompanied the Peoples Front in Defence of Land and Water (FPDTA-MPT) since 2020.

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