27-year-old student leader Esteban Mosquera murdered in Popayán, Colombia

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Student leader Esteban Mosquera has been assassinated just a few metres from his home in Popayán, Cauca. He was 27 years old.

Infobae reports that on August 23 two armed men on a motorcycle shot the student leader who had been studying music at the University of Cauca.

That article adds that Esteban had become a symbol of peaceful struggle after he lost an eye on December 13, 2018, when the ESMAD riot police threw a stun grenade towards him during a student protest. That protest had been demanding greater government investment in public universities.

Despite that injury by the police, Esteban said: “I live for art and for my family. I don’t want hatred or violence.”

According to his relatives, Esteban was also illegally detained twice by the police during the national strike that began on April 28 of this year.

Periodico Virtual adds: “So far there has been no pronouncement by the judicial authorities in Popayan, The only thing that is known is that hitmen approached him in the La Pamba neighbourhood and shot him several times. According to preliminary information, Mosquera was hit by a firearm in the head, which ended his life at the scene.”

Colombia’s University Students Association (ACEU) has stated: “We will continue Esteban’s struggle. We will carry on in the streets seeking a dignified life for our people.”

 And the alternative media outlet Contra Portada, for whom Esteban covered the social protests this year as a reporter and photographer, commented:

“They will not be able to kill our longing for change, our dream of good living, our conviction of love as a weapon in this fight, we will continue to communicate the truth and multiply the eternal seed of life that Esteban gave us.”

We extend our condolences and solidarity to Esteban’s family and friends.

“Esteban Mosquera, colleague and leader of UniCauca has been assassinated. Not a minute of silence! In 2018 they took his eye, today they took his life.”

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