PBI-Colombia accompanies Nomadesc at Intercultural University of the Peoples in Cali

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On August 16, PBI-Colombia posted: “We are proudly accompanying the Association for Research and Social Action (Nomadesc) as part of this great initiative from the Intercultural University of Peoples in Cali.”

PBI-Colombia has previously explained: “As part of its education strategy, Nomadesc has promoted and accompanied different educational schemes.”

“In 2015 the Peoples’ Intercultural University was launched, which is ‘an open-air learning experience’ designed to further train human rights defenders who, although they come from different regional and cultural backgrounds within Colombia’s South-West, share similar stories of pain and resistance.”

“This is a university conceived and designed for peasants and indigenous and Afro Colombian communities in rural areas.”

PBI-Colombia adds: “Its courses are mobile, taking place outside classrooms and conventional buildings. The education takes place through the so-called territorial tours, where theory and practical implementation come together and different communities exchange knowledge through dialogue.”

The Third Cohort of the Intercultural University of the Peoples with the theme “Socialization first documentation center analysis model development and life plans” is taking place in Cali from August 14 to16.

PBI-Colombia has accompanied NOMADESC since 2011 and its president Berenice Celeita since 1999.

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