PBI-Honduras marks the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

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On August 9, PBI-Honduras posted: “In #Honduras, the areas most affected by extractivism and exploitation of natural goods are mostly indigenous and Afro-descendant territories. Therefore, they face serious challenges in the area of human rights.”

PBI-Honduras adds: “On the #DiaInternacionalDeLosPueblosIndigenas [#InternationalDayOfIndigenousPeoples], we remember your valuable contribution to cultural diversity, societies and environmental protection.”

In their post they included the photo above that states: “The condition of the Indigenous can improve in two ways; either the heart of the oppressors is saddened to the extreme of recognizing the right of the oppressed, or the spirit of the oppressed acquires sufficient virility to chastise (teach a lesson to) the oppressors.”

The quote is from Manuel Gonzales Prada (1844-1918), a Peruvian thinker and literary critic.

The Peace Brigades International website notes: “International declarations and mechanisms on indigenous rights enshrine the right to self-determination for indigenous peoples and recognise the importance of land rights for the original inhabitants of many countries now governed by the descendants of colonisers.”

“These rights are often the focus of conflict as powerful interests wish to exploit the natural resources found within and beneath traditional territories. Defenders of land rights, culture and natural resources can find themselves facing powerful interests and brutal opposition.”

PBI highlights: “Some have approached PBI for protection after they have been attacked or their colleagues assassinated.”

Peace Brigades International accompanies Indigenous struggles in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. PBI-Canada seeks to link those struggles in Latin America with the struggles of Indigenous land defenders on the territories within Canada.

The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is recognized by the United Nations.


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