PBI-Canada takes part in international mission to Colombia on the right to social protest

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Peace Brigades International-Canada is taking part in an international observation mission to Colombia of 40 human rights experts from 12 countries.

We are being represented by British Columbia-based lawyer and PBI-Canada Board member Heather Neun.

The mission is taking place from July 3-12 and is receiving testimony from the victims of police repression and other violence.

Defender la Libertad has highlighted that 1,677 people have been injured by the disproportionate actions of the National Police, the ESMAD riot police and unidentified armed civilians; 267 human rights defenders have been attacked; 788 women have been victims of police violence; and that there have been 1,476 complaints of abuses of power, authority, assaults and police violence.

Following the visit, the mission will present a report with recommendations on the guarantee of the right to protest and against impunity. It will also serve to inform advocacy efforts with the governments of 12 countries, including the Canadian government.

This international observation mission has been organized by numerous organizations including the PBI-Colombia accompanied Commission on Justice and Peace, the Committee in Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP) and the Corporation for Judicial Freedom (CJL).


July 8

July 8

July 7

July 7

July 6 – watch the Democracy Now! interview here.

July 4


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