PBI-Honduras accompanies Municipal Committee of Tocoa media conference that presents technical report on impact of mine access road on Guapinol River

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Image by STN Honduras.

On July 1, PBI-Honduras posted: “PBI accompanied the press conference convened by the Municipal Committee of Tocoa with the representation of the Guapinol communities, and the 13 communities in the San Pedro sector, neighborhoods and colonies of Tocoa, in the presentation of the Technical Report in front of the facilities of MiAmbiente [the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment].”

“Technical elements were presented that demonstrate the impact on the Guapinol and San Pedro rivers on the road to the mining company Investments Los Pinares.”

PBI-Honduras adds: “We remember the important work of the 8 environmental and water advocates, deprived of liberty for 1 year and 9 months.”

Further context

Criterio reports: “Members of the Municipal Committee for the Defense of the Commons and Public Goods presented on Tuesday [June 29] to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment a technical environmental report on the pollution that affects the Guapinol and San Pedro rivers, product of the exploration and mining exploitation of Inversiones Los Pinares in the Montaña de Botaderos National Park.”

“The presentation was made in Tegucigalpa by environmental defender Carlos Leonel George and engineer Limber Velásquez, who said that they hope that through this technical report, the Secretariat will cancel the environmental license granted to Inversiones Los Pinares, owned by the business couple, Lenir Pérez and Ana Facussé, son-in-law and daughter, respectively, of the late businessman Miguel Facussé Barjum.”

“In the engineer’s opinion, the environmental licence should not have been granted or at least should be cancelled now that the environmental consequences of the concession to the mining company are known.”

“The author of the technical report presented to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment explained that currently the road section that serves as access to the mine area is contaminating with sediments the Guapinol and San Pedro rivers, both tributaries of the Aguán River that flows into the Atlantic coast.”

“Velásquez [also] warned that more than 35 micro-basins would be directly affected by mining.”

That article also notes: “Daniel Márquez, Kelvin Romero, José Abelino Cedillo, Porfirio Sorto, Orbin Hernández, Arnold Alemán, Ewer Cedillo Cruz and Jeremías Martínez Díaz are being held in illegal pretrial detention for the defense of the Guapinol and San Pedro rivers.”

“This is despite the opinion and recommendations issued by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions and the amparos presented by Honduran civil society organizations to remedy the ruling issued by the judiciary.”


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