PBI-Mexico accompanied Espacio OSC demands action following the murder of two Indigenous Yaqui water protectors

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Yaqui water protectors Tomás Rojo Valencia and Luis Urbano Domínguez.

Espacio OSC is drawing attention to the murders of Yaqui water protectors Tomás Rojo Valencia and Luis Urbano Domínguez Mendoza, as well as journalists Saúl Tijerina, Enrique García and Gustavo Sánchez Cabrera.

NBC has reported: “Rojo Valencia disappeared May 27 following tensions over Yaqui roadblocks protesting gas ducts, water pipelines and railway lines that have been run across their territory without consulting them or giving them much benefit. Rojo Valencia served as the Yaquis’ spokesman during past conflicts over land and water rights.”

And Aristegui noted: “[Urbano Dominguez] began his fight in 2012 for respect for the natural resources of the Yaqui tribe, mainly water. In the documentary film Laberinto Yo’eme, he narrated the dispossession of the waters of the Yaqui River and the invasion of their lands.” The director of that film noted: “He related with total clarity the problems of the dispossession of the waters of the Yaqui River and its lands.”

The Yaqui have been fighting against the Independencia aqueduct that diverts water from the Yaqui River and the gas pipeline of the company Gasoducto Aguaprieta, a subsidiary of Infraestructura Energética Nova (IEnova).

Calgary-based TC Energy has partnered with IEnova to build the Sur de Texas – Tuxpan gas pipeline under the Gulf of Mexico.

The Espacio OSC statement highlights: “We demand that federal, state, municipal authorities and autonomous entities implement actions aimed at the creation of safe environments for the defense of human rights and the exercise of journalism, as well as omitting any action that inhibits the exercise of the rights of these populations.”

The Civil Society Organization (OSC) Space (Espacio) for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists includes the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Centre, the Saltillo Migrant Shelter, Article 19, Red TDT and many other groups.

PBI-Mexico has accompanied Espacio OSC since it was formed in 2012.

For more, please see the news article: Condenan organizaciones asesinato de periodistas y defensores de derechos humanos.

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