PBI-Canada sees hope and works to make a difference

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We see hope in international solidarity.

Last year, 173 volunteers from 18 countries contributed to PBI’s work around the world. People looked beyond borders to contribute to the very practical, tangible expression of solidarity: the physical accompaniment of at-risk defenders.


There is hope when people come together to resist injustice.

PBI is there when people seek justice, whether that’s at a blockade to a mine site, a march for rights, humanitarian spaces forging a new reality, assemblies discussing a way forward, or in courtrooms seeking an end to impunity.

Last year alone, PBI carried out 505 physical accompaniments with 54 organizations comprising 1,803 individuals in five countries.


There is hope when we propose the better world that is possible.

PBI is based on consensus decision-making, a non-hierarchal and decentralized framework of autonomous entities and a commitment to non-interference in the organizational processes of the groups we accompany. We work to create the space to enable activists to put forward their vision of social justice.

That vision includes Indigenous rights to ancestral territory, the right to free, prior and informed consent, economic justice, an end to all forms of structural violence, the fulfilment of the right to water, and gender and racial equality.

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To read PBI’s 2020 Annual Review, click here.

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