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160+ people registered for our most recent webinar featuring Colombian human rights defenders facilitated by PBI-Canada Board member Ailish Morgan-Welden.

This past year we have worked to visibilize human rights defenders who have received death threats for their social, economic and environmental justice work, to help build an understanding in this country of the context of their struggles, and to generate advocacy opportunities to address the root causes of the threats they face.

Specifically, we have:

1- organized 6 webinars featuring accompanied human rights defenders with more than 120 people registering for each of those virtual gatherings

2- produced a weekly e-newsletter with updates on PBI accompaniments (and built a readership of about 750 people per week)

3- tweeted daily updates and built our following on Twitter to more than 5,000 people generating 36,000 profile visits this month alone

4- posted daily on Facebook to our 5,000 followers

5- organized 3 virtual meetings with Global Affairs Canada to enable our accompanied organizations CREDHOS, CSPP, COSPACC, ASMAC and Educa Oaxaca to raise issues of concern with government officials

6- organized 2 meetings with a Member of Parliament for the Colombian human rights organizations COSPACC, CSPP and CREDHOS

7- generated 1,166 advocacy emails to the Prime Minister through our urgent actions

8- engaged in innovative research, including most recently studying social media videos of police violence against Colombian human rights defenders during the national strike to determine if Canadian-made armoured vehicles sold to the Colombian national police have been involved in those violations

9- sent more than $25,000 to the PBI projects in Colombia and Mexico to help fund the protective accompaniment of at-risk defenders.

We want to do so much more than this!

To support this political accompaniment, social media amplification, and advocacy work, as well as strengthen our capacity to do more, you can:

1– make an online donation here (on our website) or here (via

2– donate by credit card or cheque to this mailing address: Peace Brigades International-Canada, 211 Bronson Avenue, Suite 220, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6H5

Your donation will fund our one staff person who is doing this work, our minimal overhead costs (we closed our office in 2019 to reduce these costs even more), the costs for the Zoom webinar platform and simultaneous translation, and our communication costs (including website, email and telephone).

Thank you for your support, it does make a difference!

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