PBI-Nederland to host webinar with Mexican human rights defender David Augusto Jiménez Mireles, June 16

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On June 16 at 2 pm EDT, PBI-Nederland will be convening a webinar with Mexican human rights defender David Augusto Jiménez Mireles.

David works at the Fray Juan de Larios Diocesis Centre for Human Rights, which PBI-Mexico began to formally accompany in February 2014.

David, who accompanies families of missing persons, will be speaking about enforced disappearances and human rights violations in Mexico.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times reported: “Some 80,000 Mexicans have disappeared in the last 15 years and never been found.” Last year, NBC News reported: “40 percent [of the disappearances] were recorded since December 2018.”

David is currently a Shelter City guest in Utrecht.

PBI-Nederland has explained: “The municipality of Utrecht, together with PBI Netherlands and Justice and Peace, provides accommodation for Shelter City guests in the city.”

The Shelter City initiative began in 2012 in The Hague. There are now 12 cities in the Netherlands that provide support, a safe space, and protection to human rights defenders for a three-month period. PBI-Nederland has been part of the Shelter City project since 2015 and has welcomed 16 human rights defenders from around the world.

The webinar will also feature Dutch Human Rights Ambassador Bahia Tahzib-Lie and former PBI-Mexico field volunteer Marleen Folkerts.

We would add that while the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland have short term stay programs for human rights defenders needing to escape risk and persecution, the Canadian government, at present, does not offer such a program.

To register for the event, click here.

For more information about the webinar, click here.

For a short video-trailer about David, click here.

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