PBI-Mexico at meeting with human rights defenders, the EU delegation and the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Relations

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Photo by the European Union delegation in Mexico.

On June 2, PBI-Mexico tweeted: “Defenders from Mexico and Europe participated in the Trialogue of Human Rights together with representatives of the European Union delegation in Mexico and the Secretariat of Foreign Relations of Mexico.”

PBI-Mexico adds: “In the exchange of opinions we addressed concerns regarding the rule of law, the Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights (PDDH), companies and human rights, gender violence, the Policy on Indigenous Peoples and Interculturality (PPII) and migration.”

The virtual meeting included Emilie DeWolf from Consorcio Oaxaca.

PBI-Mexico has previously explained the work of the Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity Oaxaca (Consorcio Oaxaca).

They noted: “Consorcio Oaxaca was founded in 2003, with the objective of promoting a state-level legislative framework that supports women’s rights. From the beginning, the organization has focused on gender-based violence and women’s rights. In Oaxaca, and especially in municipalities which are majority indigenous, women’s political participation in decision-making spaces is marginal and severely limited.”

PBI-Mexico began having periodic meetings with Consorcio Oaxaca in 2008 and started providing them with accompaniment in March 2016.

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