PBI-Colombia accompanies Justice and Peace Commission at ‘to heat the pot’ humanitarian space

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On May 12 at 8 pm, PBI-Colombia posted: “PBI accompanies the Justice and Peace Commission in the ‘to heat the pot’ humanitarian space in Portal Americas in Bogota where the population participates in peaceful protest and cultural activities.”

Portal de las Americas Kennedy is a transit station in Ciudad Kennedy, a predominantly poor and working-class locality in Bogotá.

The space

PBI-Colombia has previously noted it’s “where youth and grassroots organizations in the area have created a humanitarian space for participation in the social protests.”

Teusaradio further explains: “The proclaimed Humanitarian Space on the Americas Portal in the town of Kennedy in Bogotá has already been configured for several days in a place of artistic, cultural and political debate that resists constant police repression.”

Ana Teresa Bernal notes: “Here at Portal Américas we are able to establish the participation of young people in their public space. There is music, a community pot, bicycles and microfootball because the strike is lived with joy.”

Contagio Radio says: “Various artistic and cultural activities are registered to form a ‘collective resistance’ and make the area a space free of confrontations and violence that mainly affects the inhabitants of the sector.”

And Conexion Capital explains: “Given the arrests and concern for fellow protesters, protesters and residents of the sector have made community pots in order to take care of all the days of peaceful sit-ins that take place in the area daily in the mornings and nights.”

Last night

Last night, Caracol News reported: “In the Portal Americas with Avenida Ciudad de Cali about 500 people gathered to protest with music and cultural expressions.” AS Colombia adds: “Clashes between ESMAD [riot police] and protesters at Portal Americas in Bogota are reported at this time (9:22 pm).” And Telesur notes: “The public force attacked the peaceful march in the Portal Americas sector of Bogota, denounced citizens on social media.”

The banner reads: Humanitarian Space “To Heat the Pot”.

PBI-Colombia continues to accompany human rights groups during the national strike. For more on that, please see Photo journal: PBI-Colombia accompanies human rights defenders during the #ParoNacional national strike.

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