Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission warns of a new death threat against Colombian defender Jani Silva

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The Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission has reported: “On Saturday, April 24, around 12:00 p.m. we received information on new death threats against environmental leader Jani Silva by the criminal structure Command of La Frontera CDF.”

Their article further notes that the PUT 8, PUT 12 and Platanillo blocks located on the Perla Amazónica Peasant Reserve Zone (ZRCPA) in Putumayo are now held by the Chilean owned GeoPark oil and gas company.

It also highlights with concern that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has entered into agreements with GeoPark for projects in Putumayo.

The link provided in the article quotes a UNDP Colombia official who says: “This strategic alliance will allow us to integrate GeoPark’s experience in the territory with our comprehensive development solutions … making sure that no one is left behind and supporting the private sector to move forward in meeting the 2030 Agenda.”

Last week, Amnesty International launched this video and a campaign to demand that Colombian authorities immediately take effective measures to guarantee the safety of Jani who has experienced multiple threats.

Amnesty International has highlighted: “Jani Silva has dedicated her life to protecting the Amazon and the life that exists in it from efforts by armed groups and multinational companies to take control of her territory.”

She has suffered death threats in retaliation for her work, but the Colombian authorities have not developed a comprehensive and efficient plan to guarantee her safety.

Jani is accompanied by the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission, which in turn has been accompanied by PBI-Colombia since 1994.

The full update from the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission can be read at: Nuevas amenazas contra la integridad de lideresa Jani Silva.

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