National Strike on April 28 to challenge economic, social and environmental policies of Colombian government

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To hear the reflections of Colombian social leaders on the frontlines of the struggle for change the day after this national strike, click here.

There will be a one-day national strike (paro nacional) in Colombia on April 28.

Reuters reports: “Some of Colombia’s biggest unions will hold a strike on April 28 to take to the streets and protest the economic and social policies of President Ivan Duque, chiefly a fiscal reform that looks to raise taxes, including on certain foods.”

Diogenes Orjuela, president of the Central Union of Workers (CUT), says: “We will go on strike on April 28 against Duque’s new package and the tax reform, as well as labor and pension reforms.”

The article adds: “Protesters will also march to reject measures that would increase the retirement age and make it easier to hire and fire workers, though the government has not yet presented either reform to congress.”

Orjuela says Indigenous communities, farmers, and student groups will also join the strike.

And Jhonatan Varón of the Central Union of Workers in the department of Tolima has highlighted: “We are also for the comprehensive implementation of the Peace Agreement, the defense of sovereignty considering that the Colombian state has opened up the possibility that glyphosate and fracking will poison our territories, and protection of social leaders who continue to be victims of political genocide by paramilitary groups and by the state itself, for not guaranteeing the lives of those of us who think differently.”

Webinar on April 29

The day after the national strike, Colombian environmental defenders will participate in a PBI organized webinar about fracking in Magdalena Medio.

Just two weeks ago, the Petroleum Industry Workers Union (USO) joined the Alliance for a Colombia Free of Fracking to oppose fracking in the ecologically sensitive Magdalena Medio region, the site of two recently approved fracking pilot projects.

This webinar will provide the opportunity to hear directly from Colombian activists about their reflections on the national strike and their ongoing work.

To register for this bilingual webinar, click here.

The webinar will include Ivan Madero (CREDHOS), Oscar Sampayo (CRY-GEAM), Yuvelis Natalia Morales (AguaWil) and Yuli Velasquez (FEDEPESAN).


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