PBI-Colombia accompanies case documentation meeting with CAHUCOPANA, AHERAMIGUA and CREDHOS

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On April 20, the Humanitarian Action Corporation for Coexistence and Peace in Northeast Antioquia (CAHUCOPANA) tweeted: “Between April 19 and 20, relatives of victims and #SanPablo institutions participated in the socialization of the project: an opportunity for the effective participation of the victims.”

It adds: “Activity carried out by @AHERAMIGUA [the Association of Agro-Ecological and Mining Fraternities of Guamoco], @Credhos_Paz [the Regional Corporation for the Defence of Human Rights] and CAHUCOPANA.”

On Facebook, CAHUCOPANA further noted: “Family members of victims and institutions of the municipality of San Pablo, participate in the socialization of the project ‘Case Documentation and psycho-juridical office: an opportunity for effective participation of victims’ that was advanced between April 19 and 20, under the execution of social organizations and human rights advocates from AHERAMIGUA, CREDHOS and CAHUCOPANA.”

PBI-Colombia has previously explained: “A crosscutting component of CAHUCOPANA’s work is the denunciation of human rights violations by all the armed actors, and by private companies with operations [notably large-scale commercial mining projects] in the region.”

It has also noted this “region has been experiencing systematic violence for many years. Local communities have suffered massacres, bombings and blockades that prevented the entry of food and medicine, imposed by illegal armed actors and the National Army.”

Cristy Lozano of CAHUCOPANA says: “PBI’s international accompaniment is an important shield, not only for us, but also for the peasants where the Army and paramilitaries are present, and at one time, the FARC.”

She adds: “PBI also helps us with advocacy. We are not alone: there are people who care about us, and this is clearly visible at the international and national levels.”

PBI-Colombia has accompanied CAHUCOPANA and AHERAMIGUA since 2013, and CREDHOS since 1994.

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