Mary Robinson, former UN Human Rights Commissioner, calls on Trudeau to “step up” to address climate change

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Mary Robinson, a former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, has called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “step up” to address climate change at US President Joe Biden’s Climate Leaders Summit this April 22-23.

Robinson now chairs The Elders, a group of independent global leaders working together for peace, justice and human rights that was founded by Nelson Mandela.

She says: “Canada needs to have a sense that it’s not just words at a summit. I’m afraid that Prime Minister Trudeau had good words at recent summits, but they haven’t been followed up by the policies.”

Robinson is encouraging Canada to step up by at least doubling its climate finance contribution from its current $800 million per year and commit to at least a 50 per cent cut in emissions below 2005 levels by 2030.

She adds: “It’s not about criticizing negatively but about encouraging positively, and I positively want to encourage Canada to step up.”

The April 22-23 summit falls just weeks prior to the beginning of three weeks of intensive COP26 climate negotiations from May 31 to June 17.

The COP26 summit itself is scheduled for November 1-12 in Glasgow.

In advance of COP26, PBI-Canada has additionally been calling on Canada to acknowledge that four environmental human rights defenders have been killed every week since the COP21 summit in December 2015.

The UN Human Rights Council has stated: “Environmental human rights defenders must be ensured a safe and enabling environment to undertake their work free from hindrance and insecurity in recognition of their important role in supporting States to fulfil their obligations under the Paris Agreement.”

To send an email directly to the Prime Minister asking him to speak up for environmental defenders, please click here.


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