PBI-Canada welcomes the new PBI-Colombia field brigadistas!

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PBI-Canada welcomes the field brigadistas who have recently joined the PBI-Colombia Project!

They are Margherita (Italy), Tasos (Greece), Jason (Ireland),  Hannah (Norway), Delia (Chile), Aldana (Argentina), Íñigo (Basque Country) and Ruth (Spain).

We look forward to hearing about your work and reading the articles you produce like this one by the Bogotá Field Team, Social Protest in Colombia: The Hope for a Dignified Life for All.

You can read more about them in their own words in this PBI-Colombia article.

Delia notes: “PBI’s integral protection approach, its mandates, work focuses and principles, which I have come to know, have made me feel useful and absolutely committed to what I intended to do and what I came to do. I’m convinced that this experience implies participating in the purest human richness and will be an exceptional learning experience.”

If you are interested in a similar experience, please note that PBI-Guatemala is seeking new field brigadistas (with a deadline of August 1) as is PBI-Honduras (April 19 is their deadline). More on the opportunity to be a brigadista in Guatemala and Honduras here.

Once again, welcome to Tasos, Ruth, Jason, Hannah, Delia, Margherita, Íñigo and Aldana!

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