PBI-Colombia accompanied organizations participating at the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, March 25-27

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“The exercise of social leadership and the defense of human rights is, perhaps, the activity with the greatest risk to life, integrity and freedom of people, communities and organizations in Colombia.” – Feliciano Acero, CSPP

Earlier this year, PBI-Colombia tweeted: “Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal-Colombia 2021 in the face of persistent impunity in Colombia. Hearings from March 25-27 with jurors from Italy, France, Mexico, Spain and other countries.”

The Tribunal website further explains: “The TPP promotes universal and effective respect for fundamental human rights and peoples, examining cases of serious and systematic violations of human rights committed by States, non-State authorities and private groups or organizations.”

Several PBI-Colombia accompanied organizations have been tweeting about the tribunal including:

– Corporation Judicial Freedom (CJL) here.

– Network of Human Rights Defenders (dhColombia) here.

– Committee in Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP) here.

– José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ Collective (CAJAR) here.

– Association for Social Research and Action (NOMADESC) here.

– Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission (J&P) here.

The TPP is based at the Lelio and Lisli Basso Foundation in Italy. Notably, one its vice-presidents is Javier Giraldo SJ. Father Javier Giraldo was the person who made the formal request for PBI to open a project in Colombia in 1994.

Contagio Radio: “At this time, the Inter-Church Commission for Justice and Peace presents the Putumayo report and the Perla Amazónica Peasant Reserve Zone.”

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