PBI-Honduras present as organizations file an appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice on the Pandora Case

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On March 17, PBI-Honduras posted: “On March 11, the CNTC (the National Union of Rural Workers) and CODIMCA (the Council for the Integral Development of Peasant Women) presented an appeal for protection by the resolution of the Court of Appeals, which acquitted 22 of the 38 implicated in the Pandora Case.”

The Pandora Case involves the diversion of about CAD$14 million in public funds from the agricultural sector to the financing of political parties in Honduras.

PBI-Honduras adds: “The organizations that filed the complaint assure that they never received the resources destined to plant basic grains in the communities. They demand the revocation of the resolution [that acquitted 22 of the defendants] because the right to food and a dignified life of the peasantry was violated.”

PBI-Honduras also highlights that the CNTC and CODIMCA were accompanied by the Justice for the Peoples Law Firm (el Bufete Justicia Para Los Pueblos), the Anti-Corruption Coalition and CESPAD (the Centre for the Study of Democracy).

Criterio.hn reports: “The Pandora case involves looting more than 282 million Lempiras in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) for the financing of political campaigns during the 2013 elections for the National, Liberal and Broad Front parties.”

“In August 2020, the Court of Appeals, appointed to hear the case, ruled on a final dismissal in favour of 22 defendants in the Pandora case and issued an order for formal prosecution against four of the defendants.”

That article further notes: “The court ruling demonstrated rampant impunity and threw away the investigation process and evidence presented by the defunct Anti-Corruption and Impunity Support Mission in Honduras (MACCIH) and the Special Tax Unit Against Impunity of Corruption (UFECIC).”

The appeal that was presented on March 11 is also noted in this El Pulso article.

PBI-Honduras has accompanied the CNTC since May 2018.

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