PBI-Canada backs civil society statement on mutual support organizing in the wake of hurricanes Eta and Iota

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Photo: The PBI-Guatemala accompanied Verapaz Union of Campesino Organizations (UVOC) has tweeted that it “delivered 50 packages of provisions and food for the families of the communities that were affected by the tropical storm Eta.”

Peace Brigades International-Canada supports this solidarity statement on hurricanes Eta and Iota recently issued by the EU-LAT Advocacy Network, Espacio ACI (the Association for International Cooperation) in Honduras, FONGI (the Forum of International NGOs) in Guatemala, and the Latin America Working Group (LAWG).

This statement highlights: “In Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua the impact of hurricanes Eta and Iota have been devastating. At the moment it is estimated that almost 5 million people have been affected as a result of the first hurricane ETA.”

It adds: “The impacts of these hurricanes added to the global warming, a long period of drought, illegal logging, and the expansion of the extractivist model in the territories, hitting the region at a time of extreme vulnerability.”

Significantly, the statement then calls on the international community to: “Promote, protect and support civil society, particularly peasant, indigenous and afro-descendant organizations, which are playing a key role in the management of this crisis in the territories of the affected populations.”

As such, we would like to draw your attention to Vancouver-based Café Justicia and this online platform that is collecting funds for Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA) communities impacted by the storms.

Our friend Jackie McVicar also has this online platform to receive donations. Earlier this month, she tweeted: “Wanted to let folx know we have so far raised enough for 11,200 lbs of corn – that’s 112 bags – for Eta storm survivors. Thank you! Tomorrow it’s on its way to the extraordinary Maya Q’eqchi community of Chicoyou.”

The statement from the EU-LAT Advocacy Network and allies also cautions: “The continuous crises of the rule of law that have marked the recent history of these countries culminate with reports of serious irregularities in the management of the COVID 19 pandemic by the governments.”

It urges: “Guarantee mechanisms of transparency and accountability in the management and use of international cooperation funds to minimize the risk of corruption.”

Canadian aid in response to natural disasters is channeled through the Emergency Disaster Assistance Fund which is administered by the Canadian Red Cross Society in coordination with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Canadian Red Cross reports that with support from the Government of Canada it is deploying its emergency health clinic to Honduras to provide urgent health care in communities devastated by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Peace Brigades International-Canada continues to express its solidarity with the peoples and communities affected by Eta and Iota.

For further reading, please see: PBI expresses solidarity with people affected by Tropical Storm Eta (November 7, 2020)

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