“PBI is an inspiring opportunity to live the ideals of nonviolence”: Mitchell J. Goldberg

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As Peace Brigades International approaches its 40th anniversary in 2021, we are sharing the reflections of past volunteers from Canada who accompanied at-risk defenders in various PBI project countries over the years.

Mitchell J. Goldberg, who now lives in Montreal, accompanied defenders through the Peace Brigades International-Guatemala Project in 1989-90.

Mitchell tells us:

“PBI is an inspiring opportunity to live the ideals of nonviolence. What is more, it illuminated my path to become a refugee lawyer. I drew on the compassion and courage of Guatemalan human rights defenders who risked their lives to bring about peaceful change.”

As a PBI volunteer, Mitchell accompanied refugee leaders negotiating a potential return from Mexico and threatened human rights groups inside the country.

In 2011 he co-founded the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and earlier this year he highlighted the crucial link between climate change and migration:

“Every time the Canadian government provides subsidies to the gas sector, every time it builds another pipeline, we should be thinking of the impact it will have on millions of people around the world living in already precarious situations. There is a very powerful moral and legal obligation, especially for Canada, to step up the plate to take responsibility for our actions and the impacts we have had on millions of people around the world.”

Please consider making an online donation to PBI-Canada to help us with our continuing outreach efforts to find volunteers to accompany defenders. Accompaniment continues to be critically needed in helping to make space for peace.

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J&D Goldberg · October 1, 2020 at 6:07 pm

As parents of Mitchell Goldberg we recall our concerns at that time.
However he proved, by action, that peaceful non-violent methods can help resolve
threats to human rights.
He has continued this within his chosen career as a refugee lawyer.

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