Toolkit Organizers meet in Kawangware to discuss strategies for the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence

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On August 10, the Peace Brigades International-Kenya Project posted on Facebook: “The Women Human Rights Defenders Toolkit Organizers met today in Kawangware urban settlement to discuss sexual and gender-based violence as well as a joint strategy to contribute to the elimination of SGBV.”

Human Rights Watch has noted: “Violence is a daily reality for women and girls across Kenya. According to government data, 45 percent of women and girls aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence and 14 percent have experienced sexual violence. Many cases are not reported to authorities and few women get justice or receive medical care.”

Kawangware is an informal settlement with a population of about 291,565 people. It is situated about 15 kilometres west of Nairobi.

Reuters recently reported: “In Kawangware, there is scant access to water or the space for self-isolation. Families of five live in one-room shacks. There is no piped water and households share toilets. According to the United Nations, only 14% of Kenyans have the facilities to wash their hands at home with soap and water.”

PBI-Kenya developed the WHRD Toolkit in 2016. The Toolkit Organizers are community activists working for women’s and children’s rights in their communities.

PBI established the Kenya Project in December 2012.

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