PBI-Canada to participate in War and the Environment online course

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As part of our commitment to peace education, Peace Brigades International-Canada will be participating in the World Beyond War-organized War and the Environment course that takes place from July 6 to August 16.

We will be facilitating Week 2 of the course on July 13 to 19: What Wars Do to the Earth.

World Beyond War notes: “Grounded in research on peace and ecological security, this course focuses on the relationship between two existential threats: war and environmental catastrophe. The course will explore the environmental destruction caused by war, the ‘carbon bootprint’ of militarism, and the intersections between anti-war activism and the campaign for climate justice.”

“This course is 100% online and interactions are not live or scheduled, so you can take part whenever works for you. Weekly content includes a mix of text, images, video, and audio. Instructors and students utilize online discussion forums to go over each week’s content, as well as to provide feedback on optional assignment submissions.”

“At a minimum, you can expect to spend between 1-2 hours a week if you only review the weekly content (text and videos).”

World Beyond War hopes though that “you’ll want to engage in the online dialogue with peers and experts. This is where the real richness of the learning occurs, where we have the opportunity to explore new ideas, strategies, and visions for building a more peaceful world. Depending on your level of engagement with the online discussion you can expect to add another 1-3 hours a week.”

The course costs $100 (with the ability to pay less if need be or pay more if you can) and has a limit of 125 participants. To register, please click here.

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