PBI highlights the Proyecto Integral Morelos and the Saltillo Migrant Shelter at the United Nations

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On March 6, Peace Brigades International-Switzerland Advocacy Coordinator Kim-Mai Vu made this presentation to the 43rd Regular Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva:

“Madame President, PBI notes with concern the ongoing attacks against persons who defend the land and the environment in Mexico.

In particular we would like to draw the Council’s attention to the case of the Morales comprehensive project which seeks to build a gas pipe in the states of Tlaxcala, Puebla and Morelos. The project which did not respect free, prior and informed consent has started through harassment, acts of criminalization, torture, stigmatization and forced eviction including repressive acts and the murder of the defender Samir Flores Soberanes.

At the border between the US and Mexico at least one out of every four migrants have suffered violence and there are 340 public complaints of violence, abduction and torture of asylum seekers. We regret the fact that refugees and migrant shelters which provide assistance to the most vulnerable groups are being systematically harassed.

The Saltillo Migrant Shelter has seen a four-fold increase in security incidents ranging from the murder of the migrant by federal police, defamation and intimidations as well as armed attacks.

That is why there is the need to have a public backing at the highest level for the work done by defenders, and there must be appropriate allocation of resources for the operations of the mechanism to protect human rights defenders and journalists.

Thank you very much.”

The UN Web TV video of her presentation can be seen here (from 02:27:30 to 0:2:28:55).

Peace Brigades International-Canada will be hosting Javier Martinez Hernandez, the legal coordinator with the Casa del Migrante Saltillo, along with PBI-Mexico advocacy coordinator Lena Weber for meetings with allies, lawyers and authorities in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal this coming March 14-18.


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