PBI stands in solidarity with those who defend territory and the environment

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Peace Brigades International accompanies defenders, communities and organizations in their work in defense of the territory and the environment in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

From our accompanying work, we observe that those who defend nature and natural commons are among the groups that face the most risks for their work. We also highlight the high and differentiated risks to which women defenders are exposed. In addition, the high impunity rate is worrying against cases of aggressions against defenders in these countries.

We observe that those who defend the territory and the environment face delegitimization, discredit, stigmatization and criminalization processes, which affect personally, organizationally, family and community, and generate an adverse context for the defense of the right to territory and the environment. 

The work of the defenders of the land and territory is fundamental for the guarantee of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights as a means to have a decent life.

It is key that the international community publicly recognizes the important work of defenders. Likewise, that it guarantees the integral monitoring of the instances that investigate the cases of attacks on defenders, with the objective of achieving justice and reparation for the victims and their families.

We consider it important that the international community make all the will and resources available so that a safe environment is created for those who defend the right to territory and natural assets, promoting their valuable work, dismantling stereotypes and stigmatization and rejecting criminalization processes that harm and endanger your life and work in favor of society.

The full In Solidarity with Organizations that fight and defend the territory and natural commons in Latin America statement signed by the PBI field projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico can be read in Spanish on the PBI-Estado Español website here.

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