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Peace Brigades International-Canada has prioritized bringing news about the work of Peace Brigades International around the world to you – on a daily basis.

We take short 70-word social media posts from the PBI field projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, translate them into English, and expand them into 600-word articles with context to make them accessible to readers in Canada.

We also do posts about the PBI field projects in Kenya, Nepal and Indonesia, as well as on the inspiring work done by PBI country groups around the world.

We then share these articles via various online platforms (our website, Twitter, Facebook, a weekly e-newsletter, and now Instagram).

We also work to reach a wider audience by posting a weekly blog about a PBI issue of concern on the independent media platform rabble.ca, which has 350,000 unique visitors per month. Those blogs are also tweeted by rabble.ca (to their 42,000 followers) and posted to their Facebook page (with its 20,000 followers).

PBI-Canada is committed to visibilizing the work of PBI accompaniment because we believe it means that it makes at-risk human rights defenders safer.

A fundamental belief underlying the work of PBI is that the more visible the work and the struggles of human rights defenders, the higher profile they are, the less likely it is that harm will be done to them given the perpetrators understanding the world attention and consequences that action would bring.

That theory of change is explained in this 2-minute PBI-Colombia video which says, “Opening the eyes of the world to activities being carried out in certain places increases their visibility to such an extent that it dissuades the armed actors involved, be they legal or illegal, from doing things that violate human rights.”

A quick summary of some of our numbers:


– at least 2 new updates posted to our website every day

– about 60 updates per month

– more than 700 updates a year

Our daily updates are posted here.


– about 60 tweets per month

– around 50,000 impressions (views) per month

– on average about 85 new followers on Twitter each month

– presently at 1,570 followers

To follow us on Twitter, please click here.


– on average 2 posts every day

– presently at 5,000 friends on Facebook

To visit us on Facebook, please click here.


– 52 e-newsletters per year

– about 15 updates per e-newsletter

– about 3,500 subscribers

– on average, about 600 readers per e-newsletter

To subscribe to our e-newsletter, please click here. To see what one of our e-newsletters looks like, please click here.

To support this communications work, as well as the speakers tours, advocacy, volunteer recruitment, frontline fundraising, solidarity, and other work we do, you can make a secure and quick donation via our online platform.

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