PBI-Colombia accompanies CREDHOS at Federation of Fishermen of Cantagallo general assembly

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On January 20, CREDHOS posted, “Participation of CREDHOS in the general assembly of the Federation of Fishermen of the Municipality of Cantagallo with the presence of the Mayor and the municipal council with the purpose of assessing the environmental damage to the wetlands, the PDETs and the organizational strengthening of the fishermen.”

In February 2019, CREDHOS posted, “Visit and meeting to the Fapamucan Fishermen’s Federation of the Municipality of Cantagallo, carrying out legal support to the fishermen in case of damage caused to the Pajaral Swamp and other swamps by an individual.”

At that time, the Norwegian Human Rights Fund (FNDH) further explained, “CREDHOS is developing a project to support fishermen in the Cantagallo municipality in the south of the Department of Bolívar to claim their rights. The fishermen are part of the Afro-descendant Federation of Fishermen (FAP) of this municipality and have tried for more than two years to report, without success, the damages that an entrepreneur, owner of a farm in the area, has caused after open a channel between the Cimitarra river and the Pajaral swamp.”

That article adds, “The fishermen [met with the FNDH] and they told how they sought CREDHOS to provide them with legal advice and political and humanitarian support in the face of this problem. …It is expected that these legal actions will be complemented with the support that the municipality will receive after being a prioritized municipality in the Territorial Approach Development Plans (PDET), in the context of the 2016 peace agreements.”

As noted on this website, “PDET is a 10-year construction and participation process [that seeks] to achieve the structural transformation of the countryside and the rural environment, and an equitable relationship between the countryside and the city.”

PBI-Colombia has accompanied CREDHOS since 1994.

In November 2019, CREDHOS president Ivan Madero visited Canada to highlight a range of concerns, including the fracking that is expected to begin in Colombia this year. For more on his visit to Canada, please see Photo-journal of 8-day solidarity tour by Colombian human rights defenders from CCALCP and CREDHOS to Canada.

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