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Brent Patterson is the Executive Director of Peace Brigades International-Canada.

Brent was active with Tools for Peace and the Canadian Light Brigade in support of revolutionary Nicaragua in the late 1980s and early 1990s, advocated for the rights of prisoners in jails and federal prisons as the Advocacy and Reform staff person with the John Howard Society of Metropolitan Toronto, participated in protests at the Battle of Seattle and at the UN climate summits in Copenhagen and Cancun, and has taken part in numerous non-violent civil disobedience actions.

He previously organized community mobilizations at City Hall/Metro Hall and anti-corporate rule bus tours in Toronto through the Metro Network for Social Justice, then supported cross-country grassroots activism as the Political Director at The Council of Canadians for almost 20 years before starting with PBI.

Brent has a BA in Political Science from the University of Saskatchewan and an MA in International Relations from York University.

He lives in Ottawa on the traditional, unceded and unsurrendered territories of the Algonquin nation.


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