PBI-Honduras observes protest against water use by proposed luxury housing project in Tegucigalpa

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On January 17, the Peace Brigades International-Honduras Project posted, “This Wednesday [January 15] we observed a plant [sit-in protest] in front of the mayor’s office of Tegucigalpa made by the people of the La Tigra national park area.”

PBI-Honduras adds, “They oppose the construction of a reservoir in the sector as well as the construction of a housing complex that, according to their opinions, invades the buffer zone of that protected area.”

In September 2019, News Click reported, “In the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa, protesters have been on the streets for many days opposing the Santa Maria luxury housing project which is being planned inside the buffer zone of La Tigra National Park. The condo project will affect 20% of the water being supplied to the city and the surrounding areas. There has been excessive use of force by the police against the demonstrators, which has also been denounced by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.”

Yesterday, Proceso noted, “The inhabitants of La Tigra and surrounding areas have sustained a struggle in defense of their natural resources but the authorities have only presented palliative measures while they demand respect for their resources.”

And El Heraldo further explains, “The spark that brought together multiple organizations [at the protest yesterday] was the opening of offers for the construction of a water reservoir in the Rancho Viejo sector, within the La Tigra National Park.”

“Among its slogans they demanded the immediate cancellation of the construction permit and environmental license for the Bosques de Santa Maria project, as it is considered harmful to La Tigra.”

“For his part, Manuel Amador, president of the Water Boards, warned that the reservoir is not intended to alleviate the water crisis in the capital, but to supply the vital liquid to the housing megaproject.”

That article also notes, “While the controversy takes hold, the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office has not yet issued an opinion that will reveal whether the permit is legal or illegal, there is also no date for it to be pronounced. In the Legislative Power, an extension of two months was granted for the commission appointed to investigate the issue to issue its opinion; in February they could issue it.”

IAEA has noted Tegucigalpa has a population of about 1.3 million people and its drinking water is supply mainly from two reservoirs (Laureles and Concepción, which are supplied by the Choluteca and Guacerique rivers) and from springs located in the forest of La Tigra. 30 per cent of the population of the city does not have access to drinking water and must be supplied with potable water via water tankers.

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