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A key outcome of our speaking tour with Colombian human rights defenders in 2019 was their proposal to send a high-level Canadian delegation in 2020 to visit areas of Canadian corporate extractivist (notably fracking) activity in Colombia.

We are also planning two speaking tours in this country. This will include a tour early in the year with a migrant rights group that is accompanied by PBI-Mexico, and later in the year with an at-risk Indigenous land defender who is accompanied by PBI-Guatemala.

We will be participating in the World Beyond War: Divest, Disarm and Demilitarize conference that will take place from May 26-31 in Ottawa. The gathering will focus on the impacts of war and militarism on human rights, the environmental impact of war, and the need to reallocate what is spent on weapons to fund human and environmental needs.

We are also looking at producing a report and organizing public forums in southern Ontario following a visit to a PBI field project and accompanied communities.

We will also continue to draw links between climate breakdown and human rights. This year will be pivotal in terms of mobilizing to ensure that governments take the appropriate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respect the role of environmental and land rights defenders on the frontlines of the struggle against climate change. PBI will be at the United Nations COP26 climate summit in Scotland to amplify this message.

And we plan to add a petition function on our website, continue to post daily updates and share our weekly e-newsletter, as well as increase our social media presence and build the subscription list for our Emergency Response Network.

We wish you a peaceful and safe New Year! With your support, Peace Brigades International will continue to endeavour to advance peace, justice and solidarity in 2020!

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