PBI-Honduras attends LGBT Rainbow Association Miss Arcoiris event

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On December 28, the Peace Brigades International-Honduras Project posted, “On December 7 we attended the celebration of the Miss Arcoiris event, organized by the LGBT Rainbow Association of Honduras.”

PBI-Honduras adds, “They showed that, despite the violence they are going through, the LGBT group in Honduras faces the defence of the human rights in a positive way.”

The struggle for LGBTQI+ rights in Honduras is a critical one. Between 2009 and mid-2018, 296 members of the community were murdered.

And there is a high level of impunity. Of the 141 violent deaths reported between 2010 and 2014, less than one-quarter (30) of the cases have been prosecuted in the courts.

PBI-Honduras has accompanied the advocacy group Asociación LGTB Arcoiris de Honduras (LGTB Rainbow Association of Honduras) since July 2015. The organization faces violence, intimidation, harassment and physical attacks.

Arcoíris coordinator Donny Reyes has stated, “The biggest problem that we face is the violence of the state security forces towards the LGBT+ community: the armed forces, the police, the criminal investigation police, military police, municipal police.”

Most recently, Arcoíris has launched a court challenge. The Honduran Constitution bans same-sex marriage and refuses to recognize them even if they have been legally sanctioned in other countries, including in Canada where it has been legal since July 2005.

In July 2018, Reyes and Alex Soto of the Centre for LGBTI Development and Cooperation (Somos CDC) filed a constitutional challenge on marriage equality and adoption. That petition is pending before the Supreme Court of Honduras.

For more, please read Peace Brigades International and the human right to sexual orientation and gender identity.

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