PBI-Colombia accompanies CJL and CAHUCOPANA on Humanitarian Caravan in Northeastern Antioquía

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On December 8, the Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project posted, “In the last weeks of November a Humanitarian Caravan was made in the Northeast of Antioquía. It was organized, among other organizations, by the Corporation for Judicial Freedom (CJL) and CAHUCOPANA, which PBI accompanied in this event.”

“The Humanitarian Caravan seeks to make visible the situation of human rights and humanitarian crisis that exists in this region of the country.”

PBI-Colombia adds, “Artistic and cultural activities were carried out in Segovia and on the sidewalks of Rancho Quemado, Carrizal and Mina Nueva. The caravan ended with a public hearing in which organizations that are part of the Social Process of Guarantees, Territorial Table of Guarantees and numerous delegates of social organizations participated.”

The Corporation for Judicial Freedom is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the judicial defence and promotion of human rights. Their members represent victims of State crimes at national and international courts, and fight against injustice and impunity. PBI-Colombia has accompanied CJL since 2000.

CAHUCOPANA refers to the Humanitarian Action Corporation for Coexistence and Peace of the Northeast Antioquia. PBI-Colombia has accompanied CAHUCOPANA since 2013.

PBI-Colombia previously accompanied the CJL Humanitarian Caravan that took place from August 25 to 28 to Puerto Valdivia, Caucasia, Cáceres, Tarazá, Antioquia.

At that time, PBI-Colombia noted, “In these places, the caravan members carried out cultural and humanitarian interventions in order to make visible the importance of defending life, peace and inhabiting the territory.”

For more on that accompaniment, please see PBI-Colombia accompanies the Corporation for Judicial Freedom on a Humanitarian Caravan. A short CJL video of PBI accompaniment of the caravan can also be seen here.

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