PBI-Colombia accompanies FCSPP at December 4 national strike march

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On December 4, the Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project tweeted, “Today PBI accompanies the Foundation Committee in Solidarity with Political Prisoners (FCSPP) in the framework of guarantees for the peaceful social protest of 4D.”

4D (December 4) refers to the third national strike in Colombia in 14 days.

More than 40 unions are backing the national strikes including the Unitary Central of Workers (CUT), the General Confederation of Labour (CGT), the Confederation of Colombian Workers (CTC) and the teachers’ union FECODE.

The FCSPP was established in 1973, and several social and trade union organizations and well-known Colombians took part in creating it, to deal with a context of the widespread prosecution of social, union and student leaders, and of political opposition.

The Associated Press has reported, “Members of the [National Strike] steering committee said they want a greater say over any overhaul of the pension system and labour laws as well as a tax reform plan that the government recently presented to the congress.”

That article adds, “They have also called for more funding for public universities and are demanding a ban on fracking, a method for drilling oil which [Colombian president Ivan] Duque has said he is open to.”

Reuters now reports, “Protesters have wide-ranging demands – including that the government to do more to stop the murder of human rights activists, offer more support for former leftist rebels who demobilized under a peace deal and dissolve the ESMAD riot police, whom marchers have accused of excessive force.”

PBI-Colombia has previously posted, “Social and peaceful protest is a human right, above all, disproportionate repressions cannot be justified against the civilian population, we ask for guarantees and respect for life.”

Following the death of 18-year-old student Dilan Cruz, PBI-Colombia also commented, “We regret the death of the young Dilan Cruz who in the exercise of his right to social protest to claim his rights was the victim of a violent attack Violence can never be justified or used to resolve conflicts Solidarity and love for his family.”

Al Jazeera has reported, “Despite inconveniences, polls say 55 percent of Colombians support strike, though they would also like to see a return to normality.”

Peace Brigades International has accompanied the FCSPP since 1998.

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