PBI-Germany hosts seminar in Hamburg on Zapatista and CRIC struggles for rights

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Peace Brigades International-Germany will be holding a seminar on October 26-27 in Hamburg titled: Indigenous movements in Chiapas (Mexico) and Cauca (Colombia) and their impulses for the concept of Buen Vivir.

The seminar will focus on the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico, and the Regional Indian Council of Cauca (CRIC) in Colombia.

Additionally, The Guardian has explained that “buen vivir” describes a way of doing things that is community-centric, ecologically-balanced and culturally-sensitive.

PBI-Germany notes, “The two indigenous movements have been fighting for decades in various ways for their rights and their oppression and exclusion as indigenous peasants from the Global South.”

“Both movements have achieved a great deal: the recovery of land, grassroots self-government for hundreds of thousands of people, the suppression of colonial-racist oppression and economic exploitation, as well as freedom to realize their fundamental rights according to their own ideas. And last but not least, the women of the movement have broken the patriarchal structures within the movement.”

PBI-Germany adds, “At this seminar weekend we want to get to know the two movements better, learn from them and perhaps even develop options for action for our work here: What are their demands and strategies? What are their autonomous structures in administration, education, health and security? What have they achieved? What are current developments? What are differences and similarities?”

For more, please see the Facebook event page and the webpage for the event.


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