ALERT – Attack on COPINH member Rosalina Domínguez

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COPINH has tweeted, “We urgently call for national and international solidarity with Rosalina and the community of Río Blanco.”

As explained on the IM-Defensoras (Mesoamerican Intiative of Women Human Rights Defenders) website:

On Saturday afternoon, September 28, an individual identified as Donato Madrid made an attempt on the life of Rosalina Domínguez when she had asked him to stop rebuking and threatening Río Blanco community members who were working on lands in the area of La Vega del Culatón. These lands had been recovered by the community faced with the plans of the DESA company to usurp them for the hydroelectric project for which Berta Cáceres was assassinated.

According to information provided by COPINH, Donato Madrid grabbed Rosalina by the collar of her shirt and tried to strike her on her throat with a machete with the clear intent to kill her. The defender was able to defend herself and a group of community people expelled the assailant.

Even though the attack had no consequences regarding the physical integrity of Rosalina, it is an alarming escalation of the risk situation that she faces. We of IM-Defensoras and the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras have issued several action alerts over the death threats, harassment and intimidation that she has endured since April 2019, all of which were perpetrated by members of the Madrid family; they never fail to mention Berta Cáceres, with whom Rosalina had a very close relationship.

Even though all of these attacks have been denounced, the responsible authorities have done absolutely nothing about them, thereby reproducing the climate of impunity in which they protect the intellectual authors of our comrade Berta Cáceres.

We of IM-Defensoras and the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras stand in solidarity with Rosalina Domínguez, the Río Blanco community, and COPINH, and we reiterate our deepest concern for the life and security of the defender, which is now in grave danger.

In view of the State’s complicity and failure to act, we hold it responsible for any attempt whatsoever against the life and security of Rosalina, and we send an urgent call to the international community to back the defender, the Rio Blanco community and COPINH.

COPINH is accompanied by the Peace Brigades International-Honduras Project.

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