Colombian top court ruling maintains temporary moratorium on fracking

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Reuters reports, “Colombia’s top administrative court maintained a temporary moratorium on the use of fracking on September 10, stymieing potential pilot projects…” And Argus Media highlights, “A final court decision on the practice is not due until next year.”

The Reuters article adds, “A representative from anti-fracking group the Alliance for a Colombia Free of Fracking hailed the decision in a live video on social media but said the group’s fight against the technique would continue.”

That’s because the push for fracking is also expected to continue even though more than 90% of Colombians are opposed to fracking in their country.

After the court ruling was made public, Colombia Reports reported, “Oil and Mining Minister Maria Fernanda Suarez turned to local media [and] reiterated warnings that the country’s oil reserves are expected to deplete within six years, which would have severe consequences for the economy.”

And in August Reuters had reported, “Pipeline company Oleoducto de Colombia is ready to move increased crude output from the center of Colombia to the Caribbean if the use of fracking is approved…, the company’s chief executive said on [August 21].”

That article highlighted a 483-kilometre pipeline that can transport up to 236,000 barrel per day through the Magdalena Medio region. Owners of the pipeline include Colombia’s state-owned Ecopetrol, Canada’s Frontera Energy, France’s Perenco and Spain’s Repsol.

After the court decision was announced, CCALCP retweeted the Cordatec San Martín tweet: “We celebrate the decision of the State Council. The regulatory framework of fracking remains suspended. The precautionary measure is maintained!!”

This November, representatives CCALCP and CREDHOS who are accompanied by the Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project will be speaking in Canada to highlight their concerns about fracking and climate change.

More details on that speaking tour coming soon!

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