PBI-Colombia accompanies the Corporation for Judicial Freedom on a Humanitarian Caravan

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On September 2, the Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project posted, “Last week we accompanied the Corporation for Judicial Freedom (CJL) in the Humanitarian Caravan for Life in Bajo Cauca Antioqueño.”

“Within the framework of which we visit the communities of several villages and municipalities (Puerto Valdivia, La Caucana, Alto del Tigre, El Tigre and Tarazá) that are in a high-risk situation due to the persistence of the armed conflict in their territory.”

PBI-Colombia adds, “In these places, the caravan members carried out cultural and humanitarian interventions in order to make visible the importance of defending life, peace and inhabiting the territory.”

Prior to its launch, El Espectador reported, “From August 25 to 28, social leaders, human rights organizations, peasants, artists and media will travel through Puerto Valdivia, Caucasia, Cáceres, Tarazá, Antioquia, in order to demand the right to life and make visible both the abandonment of the State and the problem facing this area of ​​the country due to the violent acts of the illegal armed groups.”

“Its first stop was the corregimiento of Puerto Valdivia, where there was a press conference for the community to express their requests and problems to achieve their visibility. In addition, they developed recreational activities with the population.”

And the article notes, “The Humanitarian Caravan will end this Wednesday [August 28] with a meeting between its organizers and the civil and military authorities of the department. With this they will seek guarantees of protection and security in the communities and human rights defenders of the area.”

Johan Giraldo Radio, a lawyer with Corporation for Judicial Freedom, says, “The communities demand state intervention, not only public force is needed here. The roads are in poor condition, there is nothing to live on. Social investment is what is needed.”

The findings from the Humanitarian Caravan can be read here.

PBI-Colombia has previously explained, “The Corporation for Judicial Freedom is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the judicial defence and promotion of human rights and the rights of peoples. Their members represent victims of State crimes at national and international courts, and fight against injustice and impunity.”

PBI-Colombia has accompanied CJL since 2000.


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PBI-Colombia accompanies CJL and CAHUCOPANA on Humanitarian Caravan in Northeastern Antioquía – Peace Brigades International-Canada · December 8, 2019 at 10:13 pm

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