What are your thoughts on Peace Brigades International?

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Dear donor, supporter, reader,

Thank you for taking the time to open and read this!

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the work that we do and how we might do it better to defend and advance human rights.

1- How did you first encounter PBI? When was that? What drew your attention to us?

2- What do you think PBI does well? What do you think we could improve on?

3- What should PBI-Canada prioritize? Speaking tours? Social media? Newsletters? Recruiting volunteers? Advocacy? Fundraising for the field projects? All of the above?

4- What else would you like PBI to be doing?

5- Are you a donor? If yes, why? If not, what would make you consider making a donation?

To reply to the questions in this survey, or to share other comments and feedback you may have, simply write me at brent@pbicanada.org

Best wishes,

Brent Patterson

Executive Director, PBI-Canada

P.S. For an overview of PBI’s work in 2018, please see our annual review.

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Alphonse Rheault · September 1, 2019 at 2:18 am

Je suis un donneur du Québec et j’aimerais que votre site soit bilingue i.e. dans les 2 langues officielles du Canada: soit anglaise et française. Je suis d’accord avec le travail de PBI mais il me fera plaisir de continuer mon aide monétaire lorsque votre site et vos demandes seront en français…..

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