PBI-Ireland hosts visit by Mayan Q’eqchi’-xinka feminist Lorena Cabnal

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The Summer 2019 Advocacy Group Update from Peace Brigades International-Ireland highlights a visit by Mayan Q’eqchi’-xinka feminist Lorena Cabnal.

Cabnal visited Dublin from May 29-31.

Cabnal is with the TZ’KAT Network of Ancestral Healers of Community Feminism from Ixmulew. The Peace Brigades International-Guatemala Project has accompanied Cabnal since 2006 and TZ’KAT since 2018.

PBI-Ireland notes, “During her visit to Dublin, Lorena spoke at two public meetings – first at the final   session of our peace education course ‘Making Space for Peace: peacebuilding and human rights defenders’ and at a seminar hosted by the School of Religions at Trinity College Dublin entitled ‘Transforming Violence Against Women in Guatemala: community feminism and ancestral healing   practices’.”

“At the latter, she outlined the forms of patriarchy experienced by indigenous women Guatemala from the historical to present day and outlined an approach to feminism that is more consistent with her   worldview and cosmovision – community feminism.”

“This approach sees recovery of the bodily integrity and territory of indigenous women’s bodies as an integral part of the journey towards emancipation. A great deal of violence, structural and otherwise, has been experienced through the bodies of indigenous women but the body itself can be a vehicle through which liberation becomes possible – energetically, cosmically and politically.”

You can read more about Cabnal’s visit to Ireland here.


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