PBI-Mexico visits with the Casa Del Migrante de Saltillo shelter

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On June 12, the Casa Del Migrante de Saltillo posted on their Facebook page, “Today we had a visit from the Peace Brigades International – Mexico Project to continue with the accompaniment they always give us.”

They add, “Thanks and welcome!”

The Saltillo Migrant Shelter is situated in the state of Coahuila which shares a 512-kilometre border with Texas.

PBI-Mexico notes, “The Saltillo Migrant Shelter offers daily humanitarian assistance — including clothes, medicines, food, rest, and medical and psychological care — to hundreds of migrants crossing Mexico to reach the United States.”

It adds, “[The shelter] also defends migrants’ rights through the documentation of cases of kidnapping, extortion, abuses and violations that they suffer during their journey through Mexico.”

“The organization lodges complaints about violations after gathering migrants’ testimonies.”

Overall, the Saltillo Migrant Shelter provides support to more than 8,000 migrants each year.

Because of this migrant justice work, the staff and volunteers at the shelter have suffered harassment, surveillance and threats.

The Peace Brigades International – Mexico Project has provided accompaniment to the Casa Del Migrante de Saltillo since February 2014.

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