PBI-Colombia accompanies ceremony on new report on violence against women

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On June 18, the Peace Brigades International – Colombia Project accompanied the delivery ceremony of a new report on the impact of the violence of the armed conflict on women.

On June 17, El Espectador reported, “The Special Jurisdiction for Peace and the Truth Commission will receive on Tuesday, June 18, five reports on violence against indigenous women, Afro-descendants, exiles and human rights defenders that collects more than 900 testimonies.”

That article adds, “The Constitutional Court will receive another document on the current situation of the social leaders.”

The news report also notes, “The reports give an account of sexual violence, forced displacement of indigenous and Afro-descendant women, exiled and refugee women, the gender-based violence that was experienced in the Montes de María during the armed conflict and the situation of women leaders and defenders of human rights in the country.”

At the ceremony, Roseli Finscue, who presented the report on the displacement of Indigenous women, stated, “Since the invasion of the territories, our bodies have also been invaded. Our ancestors were the first victims of sexual violence.”

The full El Espectador article titled ‘The truth of women in war, in the hands of transitional justice’ can be read in Spanish at https://www.elespectador.com/colombia2020/justicia/jep/la-verdad-de-las-mujeres-en-la-guerra-en-manos-de-justicia-transicional-articulo-866250

The PBI-Colombia tweet about the accompaniment of the release of this report can be read at https://twitter.com/PBIColombia/status/1141068717960388608

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