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Brent Patterson, June 2, 2019

It is great to see that our colleagues at PBI Italia onlus have partnered with Amnesty International – Italia to screen the film “Protección Comunitaria: Experiencias desde la defensa del territorio” on June 5 at Cinema Massimo as part of the Cinemambiente Torino film festival!

If you are in the Turin area on June 5th (World Environment Day), please attend this film screening and discussion that will include Marco Sarasin of Peace Brigades International-Italy!

Pressenza Italia reports (in Italian), “Never has defending the forest, the mountains, the forests and the rivers been so dangerous.”

It then highlights, “The victims are the native populations who demand the protection of their ancestral lands and their resources; they are peasant communities that risk expropriation, impoverishment and pollution due to infrastructure projects or exploitation in the hydroelectric and mining sector, communities that struggle to survive in areas where the land is in the hands of landowners or agro-industry.”

That article also notes, “In their defense activities they clash with major economic interests, in conflicts that often lead to violence and serious violations of human rights.

The film was produced by Serapaz México, an independent civil society organization that “provides services for peace, justice and dignity through the strengthening of social actors through the accompaniment and articulation of local processes and initiatives in conflict.”

For those who won’t be in Turin for this event, the 19-minute film is available (in Spanish) at

The Pressenza article can be read in full (in Italian) at…/difendiamo-chi-difende-i-dirit…/ And there’s more (in Italian) on the Cinemambiente Festival at

PBI Italia onlus doing this is inspiring Peace Brigades International-Canada to organize film screenings and discussions in this country!

Peace Brigades International – Mexico Project
Peace Brigades International – PBI

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