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International Support Networks and Emergency Response
When a defender we’re accompanying is threatened, we reach out across the globe with a highly responsive international support network.

Constantly building this network through developing relationships and seeking support from individuals to governments is a key area of work for PBI-Canada and other country groups. It is the activation of these support networks that will save the life of a human rights defender.

There are two types of networks;

The High-Level Network consists of high-level contacts such as diplomats, members of government, officials, representatives from organizations like faith communities and trade unions, and well-known personalities. They are updated on situations in project areas and occasionally called upon to pressure project country governments to address human rights concerns.

From time to time, when a defender or community that we accompany is at serious risk, and we see that a large public response will be effective in helping to assure their safety and well-being, we alert our Emergency Response Network — the ERN. We supply instructions to the members of the ERN for applying pressure on the alleged perpetrators and/or the local authorities in order to prevent further abuse.

When a defender’s life is hanging by a thread, don’t let it break. Click here to join the ERN.