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PBI Kenya is recruiting field volunteers for placement in 2017!


Please note that, due to security considerations, it is a PBI policy that no nationals are eligible to apply for in-country positions in their own countries. Successful candidates serve a minimum of 12 months as a field volunteer.

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a global non-governmental organization that has promoted non-violence and protected at-risk human rights defenders since 1981. In response to the needs of human rights defenders, we provide unarmed protective accompaniment and other support on the ground through trained field volunteers and a broad network of international support. Protective accompaniment deters attacks against human rights defenders by sending a powerful message that the world is watching and prepared to act. Integral to PBI’s protection strategy are political support networks that can be activated by our 16 country groups in North America and South America, Europe, and Australia. These country groups, including PBI-Canada, are also responsible for volunteer recruitment, outreach, advocacy, and fundraising. PBI is an independent, volunteer-driven and consensus-based organization not affiliated with any religious or political institution. We are non-partisan and do not interfere in the work of those we accompany.

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To become a PBI field volunteer is an incredible, career-making opportunity to provide protective physical and political accompaniment to at-risk human rights defenders (HRDs) and communities. By doing so you will help to deter violence and create space for defenders to continue their critically important work toward peace, justice and human rights.

PBI volunteers acquire a broad range of experience, from engaging directly with human rights defenders, to providing capacity-strengthening training on HRD protections and digital security, undertaking research and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, writing communications materials, project management, and advocacy with the diplomatic corps, national authorities and others.

Specialized training, return flights, room and board, medical insurance, monthly stipends and a repatriation grant are provided to volunteers.

Please review the requirements and application procedures for the country to which you wish to apply, and contact the project in that country directly with any questions. If you are selected for training, please contact PBI-Canada. PBI-Canada may be able to offer some travel support and assistance with fundraising to attend training (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).